Hardwood Floor Repair 101

Hardwood Floor RestorationHardwood Floor Repair isn’t the simplest problem to tackle sadly. Unlike having carpets and rugs in your house, hardwood floor restoration is going to take a little bit of effort. Some of the jobs you can do yourself, others will involve you having to call out a specialist. Let me run you through some of the major problems associated with hardwood floors.

One of the major problems you will encounter when trying to repair your hardwood floor will be scratches on the surface. It appears that these can occur at almost any time, thankfully though, they are simple to get rid of. All you will need is a ‘color stick’ which you can purchase from your local DIY store. Don’t forget to purchase a similar color to your floor! If the scratch is too deep however you will need to call someone out to replace the floor board.

If the area is too humid then from time to time you may notice that the floor board lifts itself up. This is a tripping hazard. The only way in which you are going to be able to tackle this is to find a company which offers hardwood floor repair. The difficulty you have here is that the problem is under the surface, and thus it is going to be something difficult to solve yourself. In certain climates you may notice that the floor boards have gaps in between them, don’t worry too much about that, this is a problem which will sort itself out.

When many people are carrying out restoration of their hardwood floor they encounter loose floorboards. For the most part, hammering them into place with a nail is going to be suffice. However, if a floorboard remains persistently loose you will need to call in a specialist as it could indicate deep underlying problems. You can also repair splits in the wood using the same method, but this isn’t really suggested as it won’t look pleasing to the eye at all.

Perhaps the biggest problem you are going to face however in the repair of your hardwood floor boards will be stains. Like scratches these can seem to appear out of nowhere, but they ruin the aesthetics a lot more. The only way in which you are going to be able to deal with this problem is by dealing with the whole floor, and for that you may need an expert. You could attempt to deal with the problem yourself by sanding the wood down and using a stain mix purchased from your local flooring store, although the stain may not disappear. You will then of course need to finish it with a new oil stain. The problem is, this is going to be a lot of hassle and you will never get the same results and thus it will always appear a stain is there.

If this all seems a bit too much to tackle, why not get in touch with a company that specializes in hardwood floor repair? I’m sure that they will be all too happy to help you get that room into tip top condition.

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